August 31, 2017

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January 1, 2018

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Let's Make: Collage Mobile

December 6, 2017

Sometimes you're just bored with your space, whether it's your bedroom, living room, studio, book nook....and you're not quiet sure how to spruce it up a bit. Well, I've recently moved into a new studio  and I have limited space on the wall to hang photos (I'm also on a budget)...So here's where the collage mobile comes in...






In this post you'll learn how to make your own collage mobile. It's an easy and cheap way to showcase little images (and if you're anything like me, you love having inspiring art work, photos of friends and family, cute cat pictures all around you at all times). 


Let's get started!


You will need: 


- small dowel rod (mine was 1/8 x 36")

- invisible jewelry string (.5 mm)

- an awl or thumb tack to poke holes in your images (an alternative would be tape if you don't want to poke holes)

- invisible command hooks for decorating 

- cut outs of images (photos, polaroid photos, magazine clippings etc)

- confetti (optional)

- beads, small pendants to add some variation on your mobile (optional)

- thread

- round corner paper punch (optional)





Step 1: 


Pick out some images you'd like to hang up. I used an old book about Perennials that I found at a library book sale. I love older photos of gardening and nature. I also used my round corner paper punch to create those rounded edges which I think look good on a mobile.




If you want a little sparkle, I put some silver star confetti on the paper so it would sparkle when it turns. 


I also made small paper clay beads that I added to the mobile. 


Step 2: 


Poke a little hole in the images you chose. If you don't want to poke holes you can either 1. photocopy the original 2. just tape the invisible string to the paper. I used my awl to poke a small hole. 



Step 3:  


Then tie a knot using the invisible beading string. 


Do this for all of the images and it's important to know that the length of the string from the dowel rod to the image should vary. That way you get different lengths of images on your mobile. 


Step 4: 


Cut the 36" dowel rod in half and use the thread to tie the rods into a cross. This is the base of the mobile where the images will hang off of. 



Step 5: 


Add your images! So tie the other end of the invisible string onto the dowel rod. 


This can be tricky because it's a balancing act. You might need to figure out where on the rod your images can hang without making the mobile lean too much to the left or right. 





And there you have it! An easy, cheap and simple way to showcase a little collage in your room!



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