Hello! My name is Liliana Guzmán and I am the creator of Cards by Lili. Each card is made, drawn and painted by hand. I begin by cutting some paper and applying a wash of color for the background. Afterwards, I go in and paint each design using a fine brush. Once everything is dry, I’ll finish the work using ink to bring out the shapes, and details. No two cards are exactly the same!

With this work, I hope to reflect the importance and beauty I find in creating a personal connection through sharing written letters and notes. Cards by Lili strives to share with others the tenderness and care that goes into making each unique card.

If you are interested in a special order or a custom design please send me a message to: contact@lilianaguzman.co and click below to visit my shop on Etsy.

Carlee's Wedding
Carlee's Wedding
Valentine's Day
Cosmos Card
Carlee's Wedding
Earlham College
Carlee's Wedding
Love Letter Blue Bird

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 by Liliana Guzman Art & Illustration. All Rights Reserved.

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